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Atsushi Kitahara Mindfulness

Within the last years the Japanese product designer Atsushi Kitahara developed a remarkable collection of porcelain accessories. Their handling is raises new dimensions of mindfulness concerning the technical and formal refinement followed by a revaluation of drinking and eating rituals.
Portrait_atsushi_portraithh When he designs jugs and mugs he is gets his inspiration from gemstone or pebble forms. He respect them as precious as jewellery, appreciating the vessels and their functional use like a ceremony. They are suggest a respectful handling of drinks and food. The added value to the action of drinking and eating with these refined porcelains as a kind of ritual may also inspire European people.  

His series of small vessels „Glimpse“ plays with human curiosity, which likes to be fascinated and surprised by a twinkle or glimpse. In Japanese aesthetics the hidden lining of a Kimono plays this role, which only appears by a sudden movement of the women wearing it. Atsushi Kitahara's porcelains seem to be frozen in this graceful gesture. And once more we can notice the invitation to ennoble these tiny vessels by using them as vase for a small and beautiful flower or by sharing a delicious drink - and precious time - with a friend. 

After his studies in ceramic design at Okayama Prefectural University (2000 to 2004) Atsushi Kitahara gained professional experience in different Japanese enterprises. He was not only responsible for the design but also for product development, presentation and cooperation with customers and chefs as well as for the marketing.  He arrived in Germany with this holistic background to complete his master degree in product design  at the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle. Since 2011 he lives in Halle/ Germany, since 2015 as free-lanced designer.