Sophie Cook Graceful Porcelain

Vases by London designer Sophie Cook: arranged like in a still-life picture, echoing the style of Giorgio Morandi, is how she likes them best – just as some of her fans and collectors like to see them, among them Giorgio Armani and Elton John.


Sophie Cook graduated in 1997 from Camberwell School of Arts. Her work now sells worldwide and is also featured in permanent museum collections. Currently throwing porcelain bottles and pods on the wheel, her vibrant glazes embody subtle, sculptural shapes to create fluid, almost luminous forms which suggest a contemporary feel to a traditional craft.

permanent collections Geffrye Museum, London; Babington House, Somerset; the Manchester City Galleries, Manchester; Gollections Georgio Armani, Elton John, Nicole Farhi Home Collection: exclusive colour range design.

This text originates from Sophie Cook