Craft & design from Europe's top studios and workshops
by Schnuppe von Gwinner

You are …

discerning, sophisticated and creative. You don't slavishly follow the fashion of the season. You live and cultivate your very own style. You enjoy discovering and experiencing new things. You like surprises and you adore good conversation. You are interested in the cultural, creative and technical correlation between them. You value cultural traditions and you are open to innovation.

You are searching for …

that very special, unique, amusing thing – shaped with an eye for style, attractive in its form and well crafted – with a unique signature. You expect a well thought-out choice and a stimulating choice of products which has been put together really well. You want to be advised by an expert who will give you valuable background information and a polished service.

You would like to …

give something very special to yourself, your loved ones, your friends and your business partners: with a obvious token of your regard, an exceptional article of value, a collector's piece or a unique item, an accessory made-to-measure, a gift which is perfectly suited to a particular person, a real surprise.

You will find …

at craft2eu some outstanding craft design from Europe's best and most innovative studios and workshops. You will find here an exceptional masterpiece as well as amusing ideas from the vanguard of the European design world. All objects from the craft2eu collection have in common a sophisticated symbiosis of design and craft, a convincing creation in technically masterly translation. Craft2eu offers the exceptional and the surprising: weather it is a piece of jewellery, an accessory, a very unique touch to a beautifully laid table, the living space or an exquisite collector's piece.

You will get …

our expert advice all your round, either in person or virtual, acquired over years of experience and a searching mind for current trends; the settlement of your order with our very personal engagement and our knowhow; the full care for your individual requirements working with the craft designers and artists from all over Europe; unforgettable presents and stories.

The craft2eu showroom in Hamburg was closed in 2014.
craft2eu is maintained as agency and online-shop.

Subject Exhibitions

The craft2eu-showroom with its the famous, trend setting wall of niches have since 2004 been the secret tip of many Hamburg guides.
Over ten years Schnuppe von Gwinner curated exhibitions dedicated to one subject of a current trend for the craft2eu-showroom. They were show-case for new talents and for craft designers and artists who were not yet well-known in Germany. For these craft2eu also took on the role of specialised press agency.
This specific knowhow can be booked now: to highlight events in galleries, museums, fairs and other venues. With spectacular, individually customized shows impressing customers as well as the press, creating a win-win-situation for all partners.

Interior- und Lifestyle

The editorial staff and stylists of all important German Interior- and Lifestyle media outlets find here a permanently updated treasure trove in internationally relevant trends. With more than 50 exhibitions at craft2eu’s in the past Schnuppe von Gwinner has become a name in the appraisal of customers and creative people all over the world by offering the exceptional every time.

Schnuppe von Gwinner

Further to craft2eu the art historian Schnuppe von Gwinner takes on the work as curator, judge on art panels, lecturer and author for external employers – galleries, museums, Fairs, media companies and commercial firms all over Europe.