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Chloé Peytermann Bulles - Bubbles

The imaginations of living lava flows, craters, landscapes and structures of the earth's crust are paired with poetry and colourfulness in Chloé Peytermann's objects with an enchanting visual and tactile intensity. The point is to find the deep pleasure given to the senses by the concrete object, the physical phenomena, and to savour it in all its fullness.


If André Breton was not mistaken, "beauty will be spasmodic or it will not be". Artist Chloé Peytermann's intuitive search is a pleasurable play with the physical properties of the material, a sensual search for its raw and tortured beauty, for bubbles, dribbles, drops and the excessively deposited. But it is also a kind of well-considered love alchemy, whose secret recipe is only revealed by cutting it with diamonds after firing. The challenge is to try to come to terms with the shortcomings of beauty.

Chloé Peytermann owes her technique to an initial coincidence. She has been refining it for some time now with steadily increasing experience. During a firing process, the temperature was too high and small bubbles formed on the surface of the material. Full of curiosity, Chloé bursts these bubbles and grinds them away to reveal an entire network. Under the bubbly volume, an underlayer, appears a depth, cracks, a forgotten colour. She develops her own methods of reproducing these flaws by successively applying glazes, engobes, firing, bursting the bubbles and finally sanding to achieve truly unique results, which she integrates into differently thematic and formal editions of works.

Chloé Peytermann first turned to literature before decisively changing course after a pottery course and graduating in 2006 with a diploma in ceramic design. She lives and works in Dieulefit (FR) and has been exhibiting her work internationally since 2010.

In autumn 2022, craft2eu will present some of her "bulles" as part of a special show of French applied art at the GRASSIMESSE in Leipzig.