Élisabeth Mézières Wooden laces

The credo of Élisabeth Mézières, student and partner of Alain Mailland, is bold: to work wood that is still green as fine as possible: "When working with turned and carved pieces, it is the delicacy on the border of breakage that attracts me, that you can create transparency out of wood, that it becomes lighter and feels like tissue paper or cotton lace."
Portrait_e_lisabeth_me_zie_res In her workshop in the heart of the Cévennes, the light guides her woodturning. A work entirely dedicated to transparency, in which the fibre of the medlar or fig trees offers only a delicate grid. Their natural deformations give the vessel an elegance and a poetry that Élisabeth Mézières would not like to miss. With its clear silhouette, it is ready to take on the patina of a beautiful object that one does not want to part with.

Some of the artist's objects will be exhibited by craft2eu at the GRASSIMESSE in Leipzig from 21 to 23 October 2022.