Heike Jacobsen Light vessels

The decoration of little sticks, lines and dots is meant to be never ending in its lightness, fragility and natural spreading imagery through a sequence of repetitive elements. And yet the aim is to achieve a cancellation of the pattern into itself the moment the instability prevails. When this happens we onder if the article of everyday use is still the same thing because the container becomes "a container of itself".

Portrait_heike Light and shade, patterning and overlay into the inside can be the result of the pure form. Experimental progression of form can be from what was a serving container to the object being just an end in itself. Heike Jacobsen is fascinated by the plasticity of the china and the work with jagged, star-shaped geometric arabesques. Stylization of simple shapes in matt glazing made from china. The effect of light which breaks as if in prisms. A permanent repetition of the mystique/meditation, non pictorial art with continuous arabesque. Obviously following a system, but not exactly measured, abstract and yet known for centuries.

Heike Jakobsen ran a gallery for modern art in South Denmark for 10 years and since 2000 has devoted herself to her very own ceramic art. She was a mature student at the school for design- and artistic craftspeople in Kolding, where she got her Bachelor degree in crystal glazing on porcelain and two years later, in 1995, she achieved her Master degree at the Institute for Unika with sculptures for a specific space. She has since that time exhibited internationally with much success.